Trenchless technologies are becoming more and more popular in Poland, but still many investors, designers and contractors do not know their advantages, which results in choosing traditional excavations.

In order to broaden knowledge in the field of construction engineering and trenchless rehabilitation of underground networks, we have engaged in the development of the e-learning platform of Wydawnictwo INŻYNIERIA sp. z o.o. Publishing House. We are a partner of the e-course entitled „Application of CIPP liners in the rehabilitation of sewage and water supply systems”, which teaches about the most dynamically developing method of trenchless rehabilitation.

We encourage all authors of project documentation, investors preparing tender specifications, as well as people associated with the water and sewage industry and those who have a professional future in this field of engineering, to actively participate in the course.

The course is academically supervised by Dr. Andrzej Kolonko of the Wrocław University of Technology.

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